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The 19th China International Exhibition of pulp,paper,forestry held in Beijing
  Update: 2011/11/4 17:49:37 Visit Total: 1416
19-21th.Sep.2011,"the 19th China International pulp and paper,forestry exhibition& conference" jointly organized by the United States EJK company, China Pulp and Paper Research Institute and the Sweden Adforum AB held in the International Exhibition Center of Beijing successfully.

Learned from the organizers, 300 companies from more than 20 countries and regions(Italy,France,Sweden,Finland,Germany,) attended the exhibition,
40% are international exhibitors.

The exhibits of exhibition related to the pulp and paper industry in many areas, and there are many exhibits on behalf of the world's advanced level paper industry. Exhibits including pulp and paper machinery and equipment, spare parts, auxiliary equipment; automation equipment and instrumentation; environmental friendly and comprehensive utilization of new technology and equipment; waste paper and waste paper utilization of technology,equipment,etc.;Chemicals of Paper making;all kinds of goods pulp, paper and paperboard.
During the exhibition, China Paper Association, Adforum company and the U.S. EJK jointly organized "2011 China International Paper Technology report." The Conference  around the hot topics of world paper discussing, including technology innovation, energy conservation, and development trends of the global paper industry.

Learned from the China Paper Association, the conference invitated China, Finland, Germany etc., their government officials and experts did a special report on the paper. China Paper Association, vice chairman Cao Pu Fang, Degrémont Technologies-Ozonia chemical marketing director Serge KOCIMSKI, LIU Ming-ming, president of Voith Paper Asia, Honeywell's global senior product manager Bo Jiate, Roquette China Business manager yuan Min, Metso group sales manager Jiang Chun-yuan,UPM's technology dept senior vice president Markku Karlsson,who respectively reported on the titles of " the development of China's paper industry during the 12th five years","ozone - the green philosopher's stone", "future paper solution - intensive factory ",”Honeywell's new technology in pulp and paper industry"," Biopolymers application in household paper," "t
o achieve sustainable development through clean technologies "," Global paper industry's development trends ".

It is reported that the show's organizers Adforum company is well-known exhibitor in Europe. Adforum and China Pulp and Paper Research Institute, USA EJK successfully cooperated to held exhibition in Shanghai 2010, their powerful combination to combine Europe and China’s advantages of resources,and also laid the foundation for success of the exhibition better.

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