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Kangde Xin: laminating thermal film business seized international market
  Update: 2012/10/13 17:16:10 Visit Total: 1293
      Kangde Xin is the leader,the biggest capacity and the largest market share of laminating thermal film manufacturer in China.laminating thermal technology has advantages of environmental friendly, high efficient,superior quality,it is the mainstream of laminating technology development in future, also the mainstream of laminating in Europe and the United States etc.,Performance has increased rapidly in recent years, the medium reports disclosed and expected that net profit increased of 170-200% in the third quarter 2012.
      Compared with U.S. and European companies, the quality of our product has been rapidly improved in recent years, the export business has achieved rapid growth depending on advantages of cost and service. Since 2009, India COSMO acquired 4.5 tons of laminating thermal film capacity from international magnate of GBC, which caused the tension of international supply due to unsmooth integration. KDX has taken the expansion of overseas business, established subsidiary in U.S., sales market covering 71 countries and regions around the world, the export growth more than 30% in recent years.To be attention,the laminating thermal film production line achieved 24,000 tons capacity in the first quarter 2012, the capacity of lamination thermal film already achieved 44,000 tons,which surpassed COSMO and became the largest laminating thermal film enterprise in the world.so that the overseas market is expected to become the important growth point of laminating thermal film business in future.

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